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Leg 6 | City of London to Harwich | April 2006

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A mere day's rest after our last mini-leg with the girls, Steve and I are on the trail once again.

Feeling slightly guilty about having dragged the ladies through the ugly wastelands of the Thames estuary, we were nevertheless hoping for some better scenery as we backtracked out of the capital along the river's northern bank, and then headed properly coastwards once more.

Our aim was to stick as close to the Essex coast as possible (not an easy task, since this particular stretch of coastline is littered with ridiculously wide river estuaries, the first crossing point of which is often many miles inland), and then strike as far into Suffolk as time would allow, which would turn out to be not at all.

A short train journey to City Thameslink allowed us to kick off our trip in the shadow of St Paul's.

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